Our Heart

We believe business should help our families thrive while being generous in our communities.


Our Commitment

We add value every day to our Agents with Advanced Transaction and Business Support.


Our Standards

We want people that embrace the entrepreneurial culture and run their business like a business.


Our Exit Strategy

We provide every agent an opportunity to be involved in real estate investment.

You Should Expect More

From Your Broker

  • More money. No monthly fee, commission splits or royalties. A small transaction fee covers your brokerage costs.
  • More technology that is easy to use. Our KV Core CRM and IDX website is the gold standard of RETech.
  • More locations. Insight agents have no-charge access to 23 drop-in offices throughout DFW and 30 in Houston and 13 in Austin- 7 days a week.
  • More tools for Lead Gen. Our partnerships with OpCity, Realprocity and Clever along with our investment in KV Core will give you the next level lead gen you need to compete.
  • More concern for the growth of your business. You are the brand and we will help you get to your next level. High-level production focused business coaching on demand. Local Masterminds and classes on running your business like a business.
  • More focus on wealth building. Our Insight Investor program helps you build your real estate portfolio over time with tools, classes and networking.
  • More Innovation. Instant offers on all eligible listings, social media focus, agent flexibility on commission charged.
  • More Opportunity with a Property Management Program for all Agents and Commercial Real Estate Mentoring.
  • If you are a broker, our LLC/Broker Program will allow you to keep your brand but we do everything else.  You just sell houses and recruit.

Do you want to know who we are?

We believe that we are a more-than-profit company.
We believe in helping every type of family imaginable to find their home.
We believe that we are not working with just agents or sales people but Partners in the Real Estate business.
We believe in the Tungston Rule.
We believe that we should add value every day to our Partners.
We believe that Insight should be a vehicle to help our partner  families thrive while being  generous in their communities.
We believe that we all should run our business like a business.
We believe generosity is the ultimate measure of business success.
We believe  Real Estate investing is true wealth building.
We believe Wealth building is not about money…it is about what you can do if you have money.
We believe that there is no day but today.  We should forget regret and avoid worry about our business or our money.
We believe in sacrificing short term profit for extraordinary customer service.

Let us be your edge in the real estate market! Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business.